Symphony for wind power plants – symphony of energy

Fife lines are being projected into the sky by high-efficiency lasers. While these represent staves, together with warning lights of 50 to 70 wind turbines (the more, the better), representing notes, the night sky turns into a musical score.

The orchestra as well as listeners and viewers are NOT located in a wind farm but 20 to 40 kilometres apart in order to allow the musical score to be seen in its entirety.

Every single Track deals with another aspect of wind or wind power.

Each windpark sounds differently:
Due to the differing speed of the warning lights flashing and the rotating blades covering the lights from time to time different structures/pictures and tempos can be seen.
The movement of the warning lights forms/triggers the pulse, the rhythm for one/the improvised part of this musical work. Therefore the composer has left the rhythmical impetus completely to the pulsing lights of the turbines.

ROTORENLUFTMUSIK has a duration of approx. 45 minutes.

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