Windmills are a special kind of turning moments. In Darkness one can see large numbers of these red dots flashing up in different heights. They emerge and decay. These red dots, the warning lights of the windmill become pulsating symbolic noteheads, demanding attention and dictating the rhythm.

They emerge and decay in permanent recurrence. Visible, because Darkness and Movement coincide. These red warning lights are caught by stave lines that are written into the night sky by a high-efficiency laser.

These Noteheads were the inspiration for the composition of „Rotorenluftmusik“, they are even directly used in an improvisational part. Past and Future becomes one in the turning moment of the rotor blades.

Energetic, wild, roaring but also quiet like a breeze, a wisp of wind one can feel the forces of nature, the power, but also the tenderness of the wind through music.

Rotorenluftmusik is the result of all these thoughts. A composition für 9 musicians (Flute, Clarinette, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Tuba, Vibraphone, Double Bass, Drums and Electronics) and 7 Motors. 20th-century classical music, Jazz, Improvisation – Technology and Humans meet.

With surprisingly soft and tender sounds the windmills start to turn. Notes, beats and electronics are interwoven by the conductor Christoph Cech.